South Downs Art Gallery

We have decided to offer a deicated gallery to local artists who share an enthusiasm for our beloved South Downs.

If you have walked the South Downs Way on one of our holidays or if you have enjoyed our one of our weekend walks through the bluebells or fields of poppy’s you may want to enhance your memories of your trip with one of the prints below (please contact us directly for prices and delivery options).

Sarah Duffield

Sarah is based in our hometown of Steyning. She mainly uses oils for her works and is inspied by shapes and colours within nature.

"I paint the simple, beautiful things that I see all around me. I look for beauty in all things even when they can be quite harsh in reality. Sometimes landscapes or skies take me by surprise and I have to try and get a quick photo or do a fast sketch before the light changes and they disappear. I often sketch from memory using photos as aids, I try to capture the emotion of a place rather than reproduce photographic representations."

All of the prints below are available in either A2 or A3. They are unframed and unmounted to ease postage and delivery. The prints can be both mounted and framed, however this will increase postage costs. The prints below are typically priced at between £50 and £60 each plus P&P unmounted.

Click any of the images to see an enlargement.

Print by Sarah Duffield

Print by Sarah Duffield

Print by Sarah Duffield

Print by Sarah Duffield

Print by Sarah Duffield

Print by Sarah Duffield

Print by Sarah Duffield

Print by Sarah Duffield

Serena Sussex

Serena Sussex is an award winning British artist based in Brighton.

The wonders of nature and the environment are the key focal points of Serena’s recent work, particularly the South Downs. "My aim is to portray a sense of tranquility and mystery, the wonders of nature, a calm tranquil places of peace". Her paintings reflect a sense of freedom and the timeless allure of quiet open places, spaces that are becoming increasingly
elusive treasures
in this fast-changing world.

Inspired by the surrounding countryside Serena has exhibited works across the UK at the Barbican Library, London City Airport and numerous galleries. Serena is currently artist in residence at the Laughing Dog Gallery in Brighton where she regularly exhibits her own work as well as arranging for other artist to show.

Twice Serena has been chosen to take part and paint during live television events for the BBC, firstly in 2006 ‘The Big Event’ – Holbein’s Henry VIII, filmed in Trafalgar Square London and then in 2012 she painted with 60 artists to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee and pay tribute to the Queens rein.

As well as exhibiting her original works Serena work has been recognised across the globe selling images of her paintings as prints and cards. In November 2008, ‘Autumn Walk Landscape’ was selected by IKEA store as a limited edition print on canvas that sold worldwide.

South Downs Inspired Art

Art by Serena Sussex

Painting by Serena Sussex

Art from the sussex south downs

Paiting and artwork by Serena Sussex

Original artwork by Serena Sussex

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