• South Downs Way National Trail
    South Downs Way National Trail
    Footprints are the local South Downs Way Specialists. Over 25 years of experience and local knowledge.
  • Short Break Walking Holidays
    Short Break Walking Holidays
    Short Breaks on South Downs Way, Lewes to Eastbourne in the South Downs National Park
  • Walking Holidays on South Downs Way
    Walking Holidays on South Downs Way
    Devils Dyke to Chanctonbury Ring, what better place to holiday than the South Downs Way
  • Poppies on South Downs Way
    Poppies on South Downs Way
    Poppies bathing in a setting sun in South Downs National Park near Brighton
  • Oxbow Lakes at Cuckmere Haven
    Oxbow Lakes at Cuckmere Haven
    Stunning oxbow lakes at Cuckmere Haven within South Downs National Park
  • Arun Valley Amberley
    Arun Valley Amberley
    Sunset over Arun Valley and South Downs Way at Amberley
  • Birling Gap Sunrise
    Birling Gap Sunrise
    Last day of walking the South Downs Way. One of many highlights during our Annual Walk every June

Dog Walking Holidays in and around The South Downs Way

Due to the number of accommodations offering dog friendly rooms reducing we are no longer able to offer full trail dog friendly walking holidays. We are also acutely aware of the number of livestock attacks in Sussex and South Downs Way being on the rise.
We will still be offering some short breaks for your and your four legged friends, so that If you don’t have time to walk the South Downs Way in its entirety on one of our self-guided walking holidays you can also do it in small chunks with our self-guided weekend / short break walking holidays.

South Downs Way & Dog Walking in the South Downs National Park

Here at PawPrints of Sussex we strongly believe everyone should be able to share in our beautiful South Downs and this includes responsible dog owners…

Lots of people visit the South Downs National Park because it is a great place to walk a dog. There’s plenty for you and your dog to explore including heathlands, forests, farmland and historical sites.

The South Downs National Park Authority has published some helpful advice for dog owners visiting the park. Please take a look at the short clip below about getting the most out of your walk here in our National Park.

Four Steps To Being A Good Pooch

  1. Take the lead. Free-roaming dogs can harm and kill livestock and wildlife – or stray into dangerous territory.
  2. Scoop the poop. Dog poo contains worms and diseases that can harm wildlife, humans and the environment.
  3. Avoid the red flags. Ministry of Defence (MOD) land is free to use at certain times, but when red flags are flying, stay away!
  4. Don’t scare the birds. Ground-nesting birds love our heathlands but curious dogs can scare birds, causing them to abandon their nests and their young. Stick to the paths, especially between 1 March – 15 September.


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